Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness

  • brand identity, strategy, collateral, merchandising, signage

Rooted in holistic patient well-being, Performance Physical Therapy and Wellness consulted with our team to launch a rebranding campaign highlighting their unique point of difference among the clouded fitness landscape.


The project first required a logo redesign and visual identity demonstrating commitment to customer loyalty and well-being. Digital, website, promotional brochures, banners, advertisements and merchandising were integral in the branding program to communicate Performance’s core values and mission more contemporarily.

Discovery and development
Skinny Sticks
All goodness no guilt!
Superior transgenic platform
Unleashing the power of cold
Rémy Martin V
A luxury Eau-De-Vie
Wella Koleston
Luscious color that you love
Brooklyn's Un-chip
Life science discovery
Cuervo Tradicional
Limited edition
Amstel Light
The Spirit of Amsterdam
Juice from the Raw
Doesn't get any fresher
Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
Margarita with a twist
Clairol Age Defy
Long lasting color