Brazil was not only host to the summer Olympics but also a global branding conference sponsored by the GLBA (Global Local Branding Alliance). The conference was held in Sao Paolo September 8th -10th and was attended by design professionals and members of the GLBA from Germany, United States, Russia, China, South Africa, Turkey and Brazil.


The purpose of the conference was to share global trends and insights and learn about branding strategies and products on a global scale. “understanding local trends and consumer insights from other cultures is not only inspiring but often fosters new ideas and innovation in much of the work that we do” says Ceradini Brand Design, Founder David Ceradini, presented GLBA North America.


The GLBA a global network comprised of seven Package Design and Branding agencies from around the world. Ceradini Brand Design. The GLBA is unique because we provide authentic consumer insights, strategy and design solutions that are rooted in the regional culture.  We can do this because unlike many global agencies, we grew up here.