The GLBA (Global Local Branding Alliance) held its 2017 Global Trends Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.  GLBA members from Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai, New York, Johannesburg, São Paulo and Istanbul came together for the conference and the alliance’s Istanbul representative Orhan Irmak Tasarım hosted the event.


Orhan Irmak Tasarım’s founding partner and general director Gökhan Irmak stated that because of the tough times Turkey and Middle East are going through, they have considered postponing the conference at first. But then with a unanimous decision from the alliance, they have decided to carry on with a more powerful organization. He added, “The international news may not have a positive effect on the image of Istanbul and Turkey. But to restore it everyone has to do what they can. In our opinion, getting Turkey mentioned by design is very important for our country’s promotion. So we are extremely proud of having held Global Local Branding Alliance Conference in Istanbul and introducing Istanbul to GLBA members from 7 different countries.”


Dr. Orhan Irmak stated that design has a strategic importance for Turkey and packaging design is the most important tool for brand differentiation. Dr. Orhan Irmak highlighted the importance of the conference by saying “For Turkey, packaging design is a relatively new area. Orhan Irmak Tasarım is one of the first design agencies that specialize in this field. For 12 years, we have been creating projects for, not just local but also international brands. We have won many international awards and we export design services to neighboring countries. But we believe that hosting this organization will be a milestone for us and for Turkey.”