Brand Speed Dating

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
Brand Speed Dating

Design Speed Date: Will You Get to Second Base?

The shopping experience is a lot like a first date – you want to make a great impression, so you spend hours in your closet trying on different outfits, applying make-up – just enough, but not too much – and checking yourself out in the mirror. That first glance could make or break a budding relationship. A new package on the shelf is facing the same scrutiny because let’s face it, first impressions matter.

 Getting to Second Base

With shoppers scanning the shelves, a package design will have a better chance of getting picked up if it:

  1. Stands out from the crowd by being unique and enticing and offer something that consumers desire
  2. Utilizes color effectively to communicate personality, style and mood. There’s a reason why my favorite color is blue.
  3. It has chemistry – once your package gets picked up from the shelf does it have enough going for it to land in the shopping cart?

Just like when you’re out on a date, you may tell a few jokes, share some stories, mix up your wardrobe choices to let someone see different sides of you and communicate your personality and character. Well, the same goes for branding and package design: so mix it up, test a few variables, but always, always stay true to your positioning and brand message. In this case, honesty is the best policy. Find the best way to express your brand’s personality and connect through fonts, colors, graphics and nomenclature.

Here are some tips to help your package design get to second base:

  1. Be flirtatious: engage, be memorable, show some skin and use body language effectively. Hey, a little mystery never hurt anyone, so make sure you’re making eye contact and holding a shopper’s gaze for just a few seconds more than your competitor’s brand. Visually communicate who you are, what you are about and why they should choose you.
  2. Keep it simple with claims and copy. Short and concise is much sexier than long-winded and boring. Nobody likes to sit across the dinner table with someone who never shuts up.
  3. So what, who cares, what’s in it for them: It takes two to tango, so listen carefully to your consumers, understand their challenges and use the power of design to communicate how the product can improve their lives or experience in some way.
  4. Give them the whole package: Yeah, you may have beautiful blue eyes, but your prospective date is looking and assessing all of you: your personality, the way you dress, etc. In essence: the sum of the parts. That’s what will ultimately drive their purchase decisions.
  5. Be a good storyteller: make your brand story compelling by offering them something they desire and want to know more about.

Finally, remember that most purchases are made within 7 seconds. So you have little time to make an impression and, hopefully, get to second base. Good luck!